Warwick will be the Project Coordinator for roughly around 17 projects that will vary from things like teacher training for schools, to rebuilding houses, facilitating bible training for ministers, restoring the Christian radio station, providing school supplies to kids, building of a better, larger hospital and training doctors and nurses to practise in it etc. This role will be quite fluid and varied and will no doubt evolve once we're actually on the ground and running, however these are some of the larger projects that will probably take a while.

Lauren will be looking after the kids and supervising their schooling. She hopes to have small bible study groups meeting there, while SIM have hopes that she'll be involved with the Adminy kind of things that need doing.

Our new home

We will be living within the ELWA compound which is located on the outskirts of the capital city of Monrovia (Liberia). See a map of where we will be here »

Our house in the ELWA compound Monrovia

We will be living in J17. This will be the house that we'll be living in. We will need to renovate it before we move in as it hasn't been lived in for a while and needs a bit of TLC.


Unfortunately, working on location isn't free, and we need to self-fund (through the generous support of our friends back home) not only our travel arrangements, but the set up of our new home, and living expenses for the next few years.

We need to raise donations and pledges of just over $81,000 to cover costs. THat seems like a lot, but if 200 people sponsor us for $34 Australian a month, we'll have all the financial support we need. That's just over $1 a day!

Where's the money going? Well, SIM Australia, our facilitating mission, will receive the funds every month. They will then distribute it to cover ongoing costs like medical, superannuation & administration, and other costs like travel, visas, housing, schooling, contingency funding & a modest monthly stipend.

See the graphic at the top of the page to see where we are standing with our support needs.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this.


SIM consists of a dynamic team of men and women from all over the world, committed to making Christ known. With approximately 1600 missionaries working in over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America, SIM is as diverse as the people they serve.

SIM facilitate missionaries from anywhere to everywhere, working in an almost unlimited range of ministries.

In partnership with others in the body of Christ SIM seek to establish a mature church in the world through planting, strengthening and partnering churches. They encourage their partner churches to be the expression of Christ in their communities through meeting human need and reaching out with cross-cultural missionary vision and action.


In 1953, four men from the US travelled to Liberia with SIM to set up a Christian Radio Station. The Liberian Government gave them a land grant of 133 acres just 11 miles from the capital, Monrovia. They secured the call letters ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) as the Radio name.

The land that the radio station was built on was known from then on as ELWA. Many houses were built and was home to many missionary families. ELWA grew to operate a 50-bed hospital, a 400- student K-9 Christian elementary school, a youth camp, print shop, chemist, carpentry shop as well as the radio station and soon became its own little community.

ELWA Radio was the first Christian radio station built in all of Africa and it has broadcast the gospel throughout Liberia and neighbouring countries for more than 50 years.

EMA USA (ELWA Ministries Association – USA)

EMA-USA was formed in 2009 by former Radio Station ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) missionaries, ELWA Missionary Kids, and a former Liberian Peace Corp worker, to assist the restoration of war-torn ELWA and its ministries, and to serve ELWA's surrounding community, including orphans and youth. EMA-USA projects have included repair and construction projects, youth rallies, Liberian pastor training, conference speaking, student scholarships, orphan support and projects for ELWA Radio, ELWA Academy and ELWA Hospital.


About Us

With Warwick growing up as a Missionary Kid in Liberia, and Lauren growing up a Preachers Kid in Rural NSW, you could say that mission work for us was inevitable.

We married in Feb 2001 and now have 3 beautiful daughters, Lilly, Arin and Scarlett.

Warwick has always worked in welfare of one kind or another ranging from a Hippo Sanctuary in Ghana, to the RSPCA and then to Wesley Community Housing where he is currently Team Leader and support worker for clients dealing with quite complex problems. He loves board games and geocaching (our girls call it treasure hunting) in all his 'spare' time.

Lauren has worked with Uniting Church Overseas Aid and Uniting International Mission (now Uniting World), Wesley Mission and St Matt's Anglican in various Communications, Admin and Graphic Design roles over the years. She has been face painting since 1994 (you do the math) taking her to places like the Governor of NSW's tea party, and the Royal Easter Show amongst all the other fetes and festivals, parties and corporate events, and still does free-lance graphic stuff under candlelight once the kids are in bed.